About Us

The robotics club was established in 2013, it was originally established as a REP Club (Robotics, Electronic and programming), we have competed in FIRST Lego League from 2015 and FIRST Robotics Competition since 2016.

The name of our robotics team is Wolfgang, Wolfgang is a team dedicated to creating projects that function to the highest extent possible.
Wolfgang is made up of approximately 30 hard working students, who put their 100% effort into everything they do, the students use their own personal time during weekends, the holidays or after school to improve and develop the existing robots we have along with their robotics abilities and skills with building and coding.

Along with the hardworking students we also have dedicated teachers and mentors which without them Wolfgang would not be possible, we have multiple teachers and mentors who spend their time to help and teach the students new initiative way to create and improve on their skills.